Indonesia Tropical Paradise


Indonesian Tropical Paradise is a short film about the journey of a girl named Michie, where Michie into a fairy tale book of his. Go to the variety of beautiful places in Indonesia. Describe the diverse culture and natural beauty of Indonesia. This short film itself is done in teams, by combining the two animation techniques, 3D and 2D.

project group that worked together with:

Trie Adiasya Putra
(- Director - Production Designer - 3D Modeller - 3D Animator - Compositor)
Aiya Setiawan
(- Co Director - Film Editor - 2D Supervisor - 2D Character and Animation - StoryBoard Artist)
Arief Hardianto
(- 2D Character and Animation)
Billie Rizgan Hidayat
(- 2D Character and Animation)
Daniel Tirta Ramana
(- 2D Character and Animation)
Erine agnissary
(- 2D Character and Animation)
Muhhammad Thariq
(- 3D Modeller - 2D Character and Animation)
Putu Deddy
(- 3D Supervisor - 3D Modeller - 3D Rigger - 3D Animator)

Music from Garage Band

Yudi Amboro and Bonifacio Renanda - Producers

Special Thank’s to Faculty of Fine Arts Jakarta Arts Institute

INDONESIA TROPICAL PARADISE done in 2011 using Cinema4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier.

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